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Dionis Vintage

Achieved by blending the Pinot Noir and Cabernet-Sauvignon varieties harvested in the best years, „Dionis” is considered an elite wine having a complex bouquet, full and harmonious taste. It is a refined, elegant wine with a medium to the long aftertaste.

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Cabernet Vintage

This young velvety red wine expresses strongly both the variety’s character and the terroir from which it originates. It is a complex wine with light mild flavors of fruit and forest berries.

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Merlot Vintage

The wine produced from Merlot grapes is a delicate one, distinguished by pleasant fruitiness. Merlot wine enjoys a good reputation in the world market due to its unique organoleptic properties. The wine is soft, delicate and has a rather low acidity.

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Chardonnay Vintage

The dry Chardonnay is an elegant wine with a distinct floral flavor and fresh taste. The wine is soft, savory, tender; mineral acidity renders a good structure and special elegance to wine.

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Sauvignon Vintage

The Sauvignon wine is outstanding due to the terrior in which it was grown. It is manufactured by the traditional method and has a specific flavor and expressive taste. The Cricova “Sauvignon” is an opulent wine full of flavor.

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Codru Vintage

Obtained from two European classical varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, with the traditional
wine-making method. Due to ageing in oak barrels, the wine is rich in its own tannins and the ones of
natural wood. It is remarkable by its long aftertaste with shades of sour cherry pits.

Aged in oak barrels for at least 8 months.
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Demisec Alb

The original white sparkling froth is obtained from the coupling of five grape varieties, each giving the effervescent unique characteristics, and at the end it forms a special quality product. It is distinguished by delicate, perfectly balanced and fresh taste.

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Vin Petiant Roz

This semi-sparkling wine with intense strawberry and blackberry flavors conquers by its light-sweet taste and natural freshness of grape juice. It is a perfect appetizer.

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Vin Petiant Alb

The Cricova “Petiant” is a light, fruity and sweet effervescent wine, highlighted by fine velvety bubbles. The vinification method implies a single fermentation, thus the wine acquires a very fresh taste, with pleasant residual sugar and low alcohol content.

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Vin Perlant Rose

Manufactured from a selection of European varieties, distinguished by its fresh, perfectly balanced taste and fine effervescence. It is rich in floral shades, surprisingly soft and velvety.

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Vin Perlant Alb

Manufactured from grapes of European varieties, distinguished by its unrepeatable golden amber color. The bouquet of this pearl wine is both floral and aromatic at the same time, amplified by delicate and persistent effervescence.

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This spark is distinguished by a floral bouquet, intense color, fresh and harmonious taste. It stands out in a lively and uniform effervescence. The label with rich history brings nostalgia to our souls.

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