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Demisec Alb

The original white sparkling froth is obtained from the coupling of five grape varieties, each giving the effervescent unique characteristics, and at the end it forms a special quality product. It is distinguished by delicate, perfectly balanced and fresh taste.

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Lacrima dulce

Produced by natural fermentation from grapes of the Muscat group, this sparkling wine maintains the virgin taste of the must with the high concentration of natural glucose and low alcohol content. It is distinguished by its golden color and the developed bouquet, supplemented by the fresh taste of ripe grapes.

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Lacrima Dulce Light alb

Produs din struguri de soiuri europene, se remarcă prin culoarea sa irepetabilă chihlimbar cu fascicule aurii. Buchetul acestui vin perlant este floral şi aromat, în acelaşi timp, amplificat de perlarea delicatăşi persistentă.

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Lacrima Dulce Light roz

Este vinificat dintr-o selecţionare a soiurilor europene. Se remarcă prin gustul proaspăt, perfect echilibrat şi cu un perlaj fin. Este bogat în nuanţe florale, suprinde prin fineţe şi catifelare.


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Pastoral Vintage

It is a high-quality sweet liqueur wine obtained from the king of red wines – Cabernet-Sauvignon. This wine is produced by the classic method; it is characterised by a sweet taste, liqueur structure, well-pronounced flavours and a lasting aftertaste.

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Lacrima dulce Rosé

Sensual and fresh, with pronounced notes of berries and flowers. The sparkling wine Lacrima Dulce Rose is a completely unique blend. With expressive floral aromas and creamy taste. It is perfect for desserts with red fruits and snacks.

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Cricova “Muscat”

Due to the grape variety Muscat, sparkling wine develops a bouquet particularly fruitful. Is distinguished by the complex structure, the color of fine bubbles evenly and stylish. The wine can be associated with any aspect of culinary experiences sweet.

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