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The wine produced from Merlot grapes is a delicate one, distinguished by a pleasant fruitiness. Merlot wine enjoys a good reputation in the world market due to its unique organoleptic properties. The wine is soft, delicate and has a rather low acidity.

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Fetească Albă Ediție Limitată

A traditional variety with a rich history, Fetească Albă, is grown in the Codru region of the Republic of Moldova. Carefully fermented at low temperatures and after a short maceration, the wine attains excellent aroma and taste properties. It is distinguished by its fineness and a balanced aroma of flowers and fruit.

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Moldovan traditions and wines blend beautifully into a new product range of the Cricova brand, dedicated to the Bessarabian carpet. The dry classical sparkling wine is distinguished by its fine, moderate flavor, with a slight residual sweetness and intense perlage.

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