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“Crisecco” is manufactured by Italian technology; the second fermentation takes place in special tanks, enabling the preservation of its fresh and lively taste. This floral and refreshing sparkling wine is characterized by the rich aromas of the Fetească Albă grape variety from which it is manufactured.

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Crisecco Rosé

,,Crisecco Rose’’ este un spumant senzual, proaspăt şi vibrant, produs după o tehnologie italiană de ultimă generaţie din struguri atent selecţionaţi. Acest spumant se evidenţiază printr-o culoare deosebită, un buchet intens şi revigorant, cu note proaspete de fructe de pădure, flori de cîmp şi măr verde. Gustul efervescentului este captivant, iar perlarea lui este una senzaţională.
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Brut clasic

Fine, elegant and refreshing, suitable for all lovers of sparkling wines. It is characterised by a comprehensive taste, pleasant variety-specific aromas, and a persistent, fine and uniform perlage.

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Fetească Neagră


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Alb de Onițcani


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Cuveè Prestige

The special blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier renders to the sparkling wine “Cuvee Prestige” its graceful pink color, fine bouquet and harmonious taste. The sparkling wine ows its long lasting and uniform perlage to the ageing.

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Set Duetto

Gift set: Lacrima Dulce and Crisecco

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Cuveè Prestige

Gift set: Cuvée Prestige Blanc and two champagne glasses.

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Grand Vintage

Vinified from selected grapes of Pinot Noir, early harvested from the Codru region, the “Grand Vintage” sparkling wine is unique in its own way. Maturing in glass gives the wine a fine and persistent pearl. It is characterized by a delicate floral bouquet, harmonious and fine taste.

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Premium Cuveè

This sparkling wine is obtained in accordance with the classical French technology of the highest grapes harvested from its own vineyards. The assemble is subjected to a secondary fermentation in glass with a subsequent maturation in a horizontal position. The originality of the froth is filled with fine crystal glass.

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Premium Cuveè

Sparkling wine produced from grapes of superior quality of european varieties of red and white, through the secondary fermentation and maturation in the bottle. The wine has a perlare elegant and persistent, the taste is full and harmonious, the bouquet pronounced and well developed. The originality of the sparkling wine is complemented by a bottle of fine crystal.

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