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Pinot Grigio Prestige

It is created from a grape variety that gains more and more fame among the lovers of white wine. “Pinot Grigio” from the wine is obtained from grapes harvested from its own vineyards in the region Valul lui Traian from the south of the country. It is a light wine, fresh and alive.

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Codru Prestige

Result by blending the varieties Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, “Codru”wine is expressive, well structured and rich in tannins. Denotes a complex bouquet, with noble signs of maturation in oak barrels. Taste confirms the sensations of the rounding and softness with fruity notes of prune and berries.

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Sauvignon Prestige

It is vinified from the variety that managed to conquer everyone by its specific flavor and expressive taste typical of Sauvignon grapes. It manifests individually because of the terrior in which it was cultivated. “Sauvignon” from Cricova is an expressive wine full of flavor and opulence.

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Patriarh Prestige

“Patriarch” – a liqueur wine produced in the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard, on special technologies, which are included in the Alkaline Suclase. Then, wine is sour, natural bouquet and special taste.

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