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Cabernet Hîrtie

„Cabernet-Sauvignon” is a young wine that strongly expresses both the variety character and its terroir of origin. It is a complex wine with light flavors  of ripe fruits and forest berries.

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Merlot Hîrtie

The wine produced from Merlot grapes is a delicate one, distinguished by a pleasant fruitiness. Merlot wine enjoys a good reputation in the world market due to its unique organoleptic properties. The wine is soft, delicate and has a rather low acidity.

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Chardonnay Hîrtie

Manufactured by the traditional method from manually harvested grapes cultivated in the company’s own vineyards in the Codru region. It is an elegant, suave and tender wine, distinguished by its freshness and well-defined acidity.

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Muscat Hîrtie

A white wine with a bouquet specific of the Muscat Ottonel grape variety, having a fruity taste, easily recognized by wine tasters. The wine is lively, friendly, with a delicate and fresh aftertaste. It develops flavors of candied fruit and honeycomb in the mouth.

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