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Sparkling wine white semi-dry wine, made from the famous variety of high quality, “Chardonnay”, is produced through natural fermentation. This sparkling is characterized by a color brilliant, fine aromas and pleasant, full flavor and sweetish.

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Lacrima dulce Rosé

Sensual and fresh, with pronounced notes of berries and flowers. The sparkling wine Lacrima Dulce Rose is a completely unique blend. With expressive floral aromas and creamy taste. It is perfect for desserts with red fruits and snacks.

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Alcohol Free

It is an exclusive alcohol-free product, made from a unique blend of white grapes carefully picked from selected vineyards in the Central and Southern areas of the Republic of Moldova. “Cricova Alcohol Free” captivates through its bright color, fruity bouquet, and persistent pearlage. It is a sparkling wine of a rare delicacy, graceful, velvety and refreshing.

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„Capriccio” is a particularly aromatic sparkling wine, obtained from the Muscat Ottonel variety. It is manufactured by a special production method, involving the blocking of the fermentation process by refrigeration, for the protection of variety typical flavors and natural sugars. Therefore, it acquires a fruity taste with residual sweetness and a burst of aromas during the perlage in the glass.

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