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Fetească Albă Ediție Limitată

A traditional variety with a rich history, Fetească Albă, is grown in the Codru region of the Republic of Moldova. Carefully fermented at low temperatures and after a short maceration, the wine attains excellent aroma and taste properties. It is distinguished by its fineness and a balanced aroma of flowers and fruit.

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Shiraz Ediție Limitată

The Shiraz Wine is produced from selected varieties harvested in the Trajan’s Wall region. It is appreciated for the opulent aromatic expression and the sweetish taste of grapes. The wine has a velvety structure and a friendly texture. It is full bodied and contains a considerable amount of antioxidants.

Aged in oak barrels for 12 months

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Fetească Regală Ediție Limitată

“Fetească Regală” de Cricova este un vin strălucitor şi incitant. Cultivat în regiunea Codru a Republicii Moldova. Fermentat cu grijă la temperaturi scăzută și după o macerație scurtă, vinul capătă calități aromatice și gustative excelente. Se remarcă prin finețea sa, prin aroma balansată dintre flori și fructe.

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Cabernet – Sauvignon Ediție Limitată

An exceptional white wine, produced from red grapes Cabernet-Sauvignon, according to the technology “Blanc de Noir”. The wine has a decisive and sensitive character at the same time. It is rich in floral aromas, green apples, and pears “Williams”. The final taste is delicate, with fine floral aromas. The well-contoured body and the carefully maintained acidity make this wine unique.

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