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Demisec Alb

The original white sparkling froth is obtained from the coupling of five grape varieties, each giving the effervescent unique characteristics, and at the end it forms a special quality product. It is distinguished by delicate, perfectly balanced and fresh taste.

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This spark is distinguished by a floral bouquet, intense color, fresh and harmonious taste. It stands out in a lively and uniform effervescence. The label with rich history brings nostalgia to our souls.

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Demisec Roșu

Asamblajul of Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Franc that stood at the basis of this sparkling semi-dry wine, has managed to develop a harmony balanced. The blending of these varieties creates a color dark ruby, with a bouquet hearty, full flavor that is characterized by a softness remarkable.

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Demisec Roz

This sparkling fermentation of natural quality is characterized by rich fruit flavors, balanced and persistent pearl. Efervescent has an elegant color, a beautiful bouquet and a pleasant taste with a long taste.

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Lacrima dulce

Produced by natural fermentation from grapes of the Muscat group, this sparkling wine maintains the virgin taste of the must with the high concentration of natural glucose and low alcohol content. It is distinguished by its golden color and the developed bouquet, supplemented by the fresh taste of ripe grapes.

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Cricova “Muscat”

Due to the grape variety Muscat, sparkling wine develops a bouquet particularly fruitful. Is distinguished by the complex structure, the color of fine bubbles evenly and stylish. The wine can be associated with any aspect of culinary experiences sweet.

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Pinot Noir

It is a sparkling white wine obtained from the fermentation of the natural, the base of which is a grape variety red, Pinot Noir, which come off a true harmony of flavors. The wine develops a pearling uniformly and elegant, and is distinguished by its structure and creamy mineral.

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From the grape variety Traminer producing sparkling wines of the highest quality. Efervescentul is distinguished by its structure, harmonious, with balanced acidity, pleasant taste-sweet and with a slight smell, typical.

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Sparkling wine white semi-dry wine, made from the famous variety of high quality, “Chardonnay”, is produced through natural fermentation. This sparkling is characterized by a color brilliant, fine aromas and pleasant, full flavor and sweetish.

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The new product range dedicated to the Bessarabian carpet is a manifesto of the meanwhile forgotten cultural values. This is a special semidry sparkling wine with an unmistakable floral fragrance, whereas its ample rounded taste determines the authenticity of the sparkling wine “Moldova”.

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