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Crisecco Rosé

,,Crisecco Rose’’ este un spumant senzual, proaspăt şi vibrant, produs după o tehnologie italiană de ultimă generaţie din struguri atent selecţionaţi. Acest spumant se evidenţiază printr-o culoare deosebită, un buchet intens şi revigorant, cu note proaspete de fructe de pădure, flori de cîmp şi măr verde. Gustul efervescentului este captivant, iar perlarea lui este una senzaţională.
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Lacrima Dulce Light alb

Produs din struguri de soiuri europene, se remarcă prin culoarea sa irepetabilă chihlimbar cu fascicule aurii. Buchetul acestui vin perlant este floral şi aromat, în acelaşi timp, amplificat de perlarea delicatăşi persistentă.

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Lacrima Dulce Light roz

Este vinificat dintr-o selecţionare a soiurilor europene. Se remarcă prin gustul proaspăt, perfect echilibrat şi cu un perlaj fin. Este bogat în nuanţe florale, suprinde prin fineţe şi catifelare.


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Lacrima dulce Rosé

Sensual and fresh, with pronounced notes of berries and flowers. The sparkling wine Lacrima Dulce Rose is a completely unique blend. With expressive floral aromas and creamy taste. It is perfect for desserts with red fruits and snacks.

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Crisecco Gold


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Fetească Neagră


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„Capriccio” is a particularly aromatic sparkling wine, obtained from the Muscat Ottonel variety. It is manufactured by a special production method, involving the blocking of the fermentation process by refrigeration, for the protection of variety typical flavors and natural sugars. Therefore, it acquires a fruity taste with residual sweetness and a burst of aromas during the perlage in the glass.

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Shiraz Ediție Limitată

The Shiraz Wine is produced from selected varieties harvested in the Trajan’s Wall region. It is appreciated for the opulent aromatic expression and the sweetish taste of grapes. The wine has a velvety structure and a friendly texture. It is full bodied and contains a considerable amount of antioxidants.

Aged in oak barrels for 12 months

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Fetească Albă Ediție Limitată

A traditional variety with a rich history, Fetească Albă, is grown in the Codru region of the Republic of Moldova. Carefully fermented at low temperatures and after a short maceration, the wine attains excellent aroma and taste properties. It is distinguished by its fineness and a balanced aroma of flowers and fruit.

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The extra-brut sparkling wine has been created in compliance with the „Champenoise” method, based on the classical Pinot Noir and Cabernet-Sauvignon grape varieties. It is characterized by a particular freshness, balanced taste, uniform and fine perlage, and pleasant mineral structure.

Manufactured in compliance with the French classic method by secondary fermentation in bottle and subsequent cuvée ageing for at least 2 years.

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